We practice solely in the area of Family Law. We are good at what we do. We know our clients entrust us with their financial security and the future of their children. We take this responsibility seriously and attend to our clients' needs with the utmost care.

We believe in being candid, direct and straightforward in our assessment and opinions. Together with our skills, solution-oriented approach that is rooted in honesty, experience and a positive work environment, we are able to achieve high levels of success in negotiations, or Court if necessary.

We also contribute to the Surrey Food Bank each year because we believe giving back to the community is important.

Our Team

Yair Leibovitz, Lawyer

Yair is a highly successful lawyer with extensive experience in all areas of Family Law. His files range from typical to highly complex or acrimonious cases requiring a considerable degree of skill, expertise and knowledge.

Yair is adept at handling complicated files which often involve accountants, business valuators, psychologists, psychiatrists and other experts in their respective fields.

He has represented clients in all levels of Courts in British Columbia, including the Provincial Court, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.

Yair is very approachable and believes that a key element of the solicitor/client relationship is communication. He ensures clients fully understand the legal issues, rights and obligations that may arise out of the complex breakdown of a relationship.

Yair obtained his Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1987.  As such, he is highly proficient in assessing business records, business documents and financial documents. Yair obtained his Law Degree in 1990. 

Kathy Swift, Legal Assistant

Kathy is a highly experienced and knowledgeable legal assistant who has been working in the area of Family Law for approximately twenty-five years, twelve of which have been with the firm. Kathy is competent and efficient when it comes to assisting in the preparation of all Court documents and applications, and is extremely familiar with Court procedures.


Brianna Fenn, Legal Secretary

Brianna has been with the firm for approximately ten years, starting as an intern in 2005. Brianna assists with the preparation of accounts, lists of documents, bookkeeping, file management and general correspondence, and usually, it will be her voice you hear when you call. So call today!