We focus solely on Family Law issues and our skills have resulted in a solid reputation you can depend on. We assist clients in areas that include: 

Property Division

As part of our skill set we identify assets that may be subject to division and, if necessary, have the expertise to deal with appraisers, forensic accountants, valuators and other experts. We ensure appropriate entitlement in an enforceable fashion is obtained for the benefit of our clients.

Income determination

One of the starting points in dealing with support based issues is determining income of both the payor and recipient. We are highly skilled in reviewing financial documents, including business records, and gathering evidence necessary to ensure an appropriate income is found or imputed by the Court to assist our clients.

Spousal Support

The issue of spousal support is multifaceted. If there has been an appropriate determination of income of both payor and recipient, the issue of whether a spouse is entitled to spousal support needs to be determined. Once entitlement is dealt with, there is the issue of how much spousal support is payable. There are exceptions to simply applying the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines to achieve either a higher or lower amount of spousal support. We guide our clients throughout the process, working to achieve the most suitable Agreement or Order.

Child Support

Child support is not always simple. In addition to income determination, there is the issue of child support payable for children over the age of majority (19), the potential for a child to contribute to their own care and issues dealing with contribution towards special or extraordinary expenses. Child support is no longer a straightforward application of the Child Support Guidelines. We assist our clients in assessing all issues arising from child support and ensuring that an appropriate amount of child support is payable.

Parenting Time, Contact Time, Custody, Guardianship and Access 

In addition to utilizing our negotiation skills to maximize our client’s instructions, we assist our clients in guiding them through the maze and complexities of determining not only residency of a child (or children) but advising them of the importance of obtaining appropriate custody, guardianship and access or parenting time orders. The ramifications of such orders are critical in establishing not only temporary care arrangements but also permanent care arrangements.


An increasing challenge for parents is the intended relocation of a child away from the current community. Such issues are never simple and require an astute approach to maximize the chances of success. We are skilled in all aspects of relocation negotiations and applications and will help guide our clients to the most favourable options available. 


There are numerous other Family Law issues that we assist our clients with, including: reapportionment claims, property restraining orders, personal restraining orders, constructive trust claims, identification of assets, sale of assets, divorce and many others.